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March 2019 - January 2020

At a services focused event in March of 2019, unveiled  a new game subscription service it is called “Apple Arcade”. The service will allow iOS, Mac, and Apple TV users to pay a flat monthly fee and access a bundle of otherwise paid apps through the App Store.

Apple is said to be working with a handful of publishers and developers for the service. The company touted that the service will unify gaming between mobile (iOS), desktop (macOS), and the living room (tvOS).

We keep a list of the latest games that you’ll want to bookmark to see what’s new.

Apple Arcade Features

With a single subscription, the service will give you access to over 100 new and exclusive games. Arcade will be a new area on the App Store, with a new tab along the bottom. The service syncs between all of your devices, and offline playing. There are no ads or in-app purchases with the service. The service will allow access to all members in a Family Sharing account.

Apple Arcade Pricing

Apple Arcade is priced at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. This pricing is for the entire family (with Family Sharing)

Apple Arcade Stories January 24

Apple Arcade launched with close to 100 titles and the service is seeing new games added regularly. Follow along with our guide on the latest from Apple’s gaming service.

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Apple Arcade Stories January 22

Apple Arcade is leveling up in Apple Stores across the world with eye-catching new displays and a sharper focus on accessories to enhance the gaming experience. The new merchandising designs began appearing today at Apple’s latest stores in countries where Apple Arcade is available.

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Apple Arcade Stories December 16, 2019

How to play Apple Arcade with a game console controller

iOS has some of the best games this side of the mobile OS divide, but there are plenty of games that just don’t play well with touch controls. Apple’s MFi controller standard was a brilliant way to overcome this, but in practice most of those controllers, well, suck

You can now take out an Apple Arcade annual subscription for $49.99 per year, instead of $4.99 per month. This works out at $4.17 per month or the equivalent of getting two months a year free.

The equivalent deal is also available in other countries: CAD$59.99 in Canada, £49.99 in the UK and €49.99 in Eurozone countries…

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Apple Arcade Stories December 12, 2019

Apple has announced a major new sports game franchise that is now available on Apple Arcade. “Ultimate Rivals,” developed by Bit Fry Game Studios, Inc., brings together athletes from hockey, basketball, football, baseball, and soccer.

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Apple Arcade Stories December 3, 2019

This year, Apple made a renewed push into Services with new content subscriptions for reading news, watching television, and playing new games.

Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ each cost $4.99 per month, and offer compelling original TV and games to play. However, there are a few extra things you may want to buy to improve the experience. These accessories can make great gift ideas for any Apple fan.

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