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Apps for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS power our modern world. 9to5Mac will update you on the latest news, review, and updates for all types of apps. “There’s an App for that”.

The term came became part of our vocabulary when Steve Jobs announced The App Store as part of the iPhone 2.0 software update in 2008.

Over the years, the term has become as common as kleenex for describing applications on all of our devices. Apple’s platforms have apps for just about anything from finance, banking, sports, social media, podcasting, music, and more. We have a guide for helping you discover the best ones as well. Apps are now on everything from our TV, to our smartphones, on our laptops, and all the way down to our wrists.

As new ones are released or existing ones have major updates, the team here at 9to5Mac will bring you the latest news and reviews. If you want to follow along with video footage, be sure to follow 9to5Mac on YouTube. Scroll down below our latest updates on all things relating to applications on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

Apps Stories February 23

I have quite a few third-party apps installed on my iPhone, but there are several staple apps that I use regularly that I’d have a hard time doing without.

These apps include Apollo, the excellent full-featured Reddit client, NetNewsWire, a legendary RSS reader reimagined for modern day iOS, and more. Watch our brief hands-on video walkthrough for a look at all five apps, and be sure to subscribe to 9to5mac for future installments. expand full story

Apps Stories February 5

A flowchart is commonly used to demonstrate the stages of a process, decisions to be made in a project, or to get your workflow organized. Although it’s possible to create diagrams in vector software, they are not exactly appropriate for this purpose.

With that in mind, developer Lukas Kubanek and his team developed Diagrams, a simple but powerful Mac app that makes it easy to create flowcharts.

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Apps Stories January 29

Apollo for Reddit is the leading third-party Reddit app for iOS, and it’s getting even better today. The app has been updated to version 1.7, bringing a host of new features and capabilities: comment search, GIF sounds, advanced filters, and more.

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Apps Stories January 28

Sensor Tower: Nintendo hits $1 billion in player spending on mobile, led by Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo continues to see success with its lineup of mobile games on iOS and Android. According to new data from Sensor Tower, Nintendo has now generated more than $1 billion in lifetime revenue from player spending through the App Store and Google Player.

Apps Stories December 25, 2019

App Store and iTunes gift cards are some of the most common gifts every year, especially if you’re a techie who is hard to shop for. Nowadays, iTunes and App Store gift cards are good not only for apps, but also for Apple Music, Apple TV+, and more. Here are some of the best iOS apps and games to buy with the iTunes gift cards you unwrapped this holiday season.

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Apps Stories December 12, 2019

‘Snowflake Weather’ is powerful new weather app designed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

The developers of the popular iStat Menus app for Mac have debuted a powerful new weather app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Dubbed “Snowflake Weather,” the app is designed to offer a detailed look at weather data, in a sleek and consistent interface across platforms.

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