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What is HomeKit / Apple Home?

Along with several other new APIs for developers, Apple announced HomeKit in June 2014 which allows all home automation accessories/devices to work together in harmony with iOS. The new API will allow home automation developers to centralize all home automation without needing separate apps to access each device’s specific features. These devices include locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs, switches, and more.

HomeKit allows for secure pairing with devices and the ability to control individual devices. It also makes it possible to group several home automation devices into scenes that allow for easier control of any automation device in specific situations. One of the coolest features available with HomeKit is the ability to control any home automation accessory with Siri based on certain commands or scenes previously configured with these devices.

In 2016, Apple introduced a new Home app which comes with a modern look, relatively easy-to-use controls, and access to accessories and scenes from anywhere on iOS 10. Apple’s new built-in Home app on the iPhone’s Home screen, plus you can access a ton of functions from the lock screen or anywhere on iOS from the new Control Center (a swipe up from the bottom of the screen) once you have a HomeKit accessory set up.

In 2018, Apple released the HomePod. It was a way to interact with your connected home devices through Siri using a standalone device.

How Do You Use HomeKit?

HomeKit devices can be controlled from iPad, iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, and HomePod. A 4th generation Apple TV (or newer) is an essential Apple smart home device as it acts as a bridge over iCloud to allow access to your devices when away from home.

9to5Mac’s Zac Hall does a regular column about the “Apple Home” lifestyle in his HomeKit Weekly column.

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HomeKit Stories Yesterday

UK plans three simple requirements to make smart home devices secure

One of Apple’s key goals with HomeKit was to make smart home devices secure. The UK government has announced it wants to play its part in achieving the same thing by requiring all devices to meet three simple security requirements…

HomeKit Stories January 27

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced that HomeKit would soon be supported by routers from Eero, Linksys, and Charter Spectrum. Thus far, none of those companies have actually rolled out HomeKit support to their routers, but new evidence today suggests Eero support could be coming soon.

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HomeKit Stories January 26

HomeKit-enabled Eve Water Guard now available to purchase

Earlier this month, we reported that the Eve Water Guard would begin shipping in early February. The device was first announced in September of last year. One of the key features of the Eve Water Guard is its HomeKit support. It’s now available to purchase.

HomeKit Stories January 24

HomeKit is my chosen platform for my smart home, but there are still ways that Apple could expand its platform to grow with its users as their home grows, and as their families change. While Apple allows you to invite people in your family to have access to your home as well as invite guests. My current issue is that I want to give my kid’s selective access to specific devices, but not them all. Selective device sharing is something Apple should add to HomeKit. expand full story

HomeKit Stories January 17

The Robin team today announced that its ProLine Compact Video Doorbell now support HomeKit Secure Video, having received certification sign-off from Apple earlier this week. Secure Video integration allows motion clips to be automatically saved to the user’s iCloud account.

Robin has been leading the charge in the HomeKit doorbell space, being the first company to ship a HomeKit compatible doorbell of any kind last year. However, the doorbells come at a (literal) cost.

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HomeKit Stories January 16

Ikea smart blinds hit by ‘technical issues’ two weeks after HomeKit support

Ikea smart blinds are experiencing “technical issues” with the HomeKit support that arrived in the US just two weeks ago…

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