macOS Stories February 20

Appstat is a new macOS menu bar tool that shows developers app sales, analytics, and more

Developer Frank Krueger has released a useful new macOS tool for fellow developers today. Dubbed Appstat, the app lives in your Mac’s menu bar and shows you detailed data about the applications you’re selling on the App Store.

macOS Stories February 19

Apple has added one of the most popular Apple Music features on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV to the Mac. With the latest macOS 10.15.4 beta, users can now access real-time lyrics for Apple Music content.

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macOS Stories February 13

‘Lockdown’ open source firewall app leaps from iOS to Mac, blocks app and website trackers for free

Lockdown launched last summer as the first open source firewall for iOS to block website and app trackers and it runs completely on-device. Now Lockdown has arrived for Mac as a free app.

macOS Stories February 12

Following the release of the Front and Center window management app last month, John Siracusa is back with another Mac app today. SwitchGlass for macOS brings a dedicated application switcher with a variety of different customization options to macOS.

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macOS Stories January 25

If you play Rocket League via Steam on your Mac, you’ll soon have to make the switch to Windows or give up most of the online features. The studio behind the hit game has announced today that it’s dropping macOS and Linux support starting in March.

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macOS Stories January 13

Earlier today, we reported on evidence within the latest macOS 10.15.3 beta that suggests Apple is working on a “Pro Mode” feature to boost performance on portable Macs. This feature would essentially boost your Mac’s performance at the cost of things like battery life and fan noise.

While I’d love to see this feature come to macOS, something I’d also like to see in tandem with it is a Low Power Mode, focused on extending MacBook battery life.

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